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August 2015

GM-Oh? The Future of Farming

When you Google search the phrase ‘GMO’, you’re met with a a plethora of images showing needles injecting unnamed chemicals into the skin of fruits, protest images and other mock-ups involving Frankenstein’s monster-like vegetables. The phrase ‘Franken-food’ in big red letters on a black background is thrown at you. While these images are (quite frankly) hilarious, they are also inherently damaging and cause hindrance to important genetic research.¬†Unfortunately, as with most popular science topics highlighted in the media, there’s a lot of ambiguity surrounding GMOs and many people have no idea what they actually are.

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Blacker than Black – Novel ‘Nano Art’

I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour

– Wednesday Addams

Even with our fairly narrow perspective on the electromagnetic spectrum, most people would say that they know their colours. A red car is red, a green plant is green and a black shirt is going to be black regardless of the circumstances. Right?

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