My name is Dylan Lynch, and I am a PhD student in the School of Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin. I am actively involved in improving and practicing science communication and have worked with Science Gallery Dublin (SGD), at Electric Picnic and at Body&Soul (and many more), to try bring a little more science to everyday life. I’ve done everything from performing chemistry centered comedy to ripping my pants off at Electric Picnic in the name of organic chemistry.


I started as a way to write informally about advances in the fields that interest me and to offer opinion and detail on current scientific issues. Recently, it has become more of a blog about my PhD experience, which I’m hoping to write about from start to finish, and nice syntheses that catch my eye.

The name ‘sciencebeard’ comes from a nickname a young visitor to SGD once gave me. While my blog posts are often a little heavy on the science side (especially chemistry based ones) I try to provide links so that readers can read and further their knowledge of chemistry, and try to maintain the role of communicating science to those of all educational backgrounds (even the scientists way above me!).

If you have any questions/suggestions, please feel free to shoot me an email at the following;

info ((at)) sciencebeard (.com)

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