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Playing God

If you could wipe out a whole species, would you?

If I asked a room of 100 people what their fears are, there’s a pretty high chance I would get answers like “spiders” and “snakes” as a high percentage. So the question I pose is; if we could choose a species or family from the family tree to wipe of the planet, would you?

The two members of the animal kingdom mentioned above might give some people the heebie-jeebies, but the fact is that they each are a fundamental part of a food chain, functioning in their own ecological niche. Wipe out spiders for example, and several bird and reptile species would soon follow as the food web the spiders cling to is sent crashing down.

However their may be a family that can be completely eradicated without any serious repercussions, and furthermore their removal from the biosphere could save millions of lives.

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GM-Oh? The Future of Farming

When you Google search the phrase ‘GMO’, you’re met with a a plethora of images showing needles injecting unnamed chemicals into the skin of fruits, protest images and other mock-ups involving Frankenstein’s monster-like vegetables. The phrase ‘Franken-food’ in big red letters on a black background is thrown at you. While these images are (quite frankly) hilarious, they are also inherently damaging and cause hindrance to important genetic research.¬†Unfortunately, as with most popular science topics highlighted in the media, there’s a lot of ambiguity surrounding GMOs and many people have no idea what they actually are.

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